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Suppliers and Installers of Solar equipment

AlternaSolar was established to empower households with scalable, cost effective solutions. We provide industry-proven solar equipment with lithium iron phosphate batteries which carries a 10+ years life design, providing 4500 cycles with 90% DoD or 6000 cycles with 80% DOD. Scalable solutions with various return of investment (ROI) timelines are engineered as per customer needs.

The economic and time/productivity impact caused by power outages and loadshedding, has had a devastating effect on households as well as the country’s economy as a whole. We offer you the solution to empower yourself by installing solar equipment. By going off-grid, either partially or fully, you take back your power and ensure that your family won’t be left in the dark.

Eskom hiked tariffs in April 2019 by 13.87% (three times the inflation rate), and further annual increases have already been approved by Nersa for the coming years. The price hikes have many root causes, such as Illegal connections, defaulting municipalities, gross negligence, maladministration, state capture, corruption, lack of maintenance on substations etc. All of these causes will take years to rectify, while South Africans have no choice to pay these increased rates. The only way we can truly empower ourselves, will be to harvest solar energy. This will not only significantly lessen our dependence on this monopoly, but we will save thousands in electricity bills.

Whilst the initial investment might sound like a lot of money, one has to take into account the monthly and long-term savings you will benefit from, as well as the potential losses you’ll be shielded from, such as loss of productivity, damage to electrical appliances, security systems being down etc.

We offer various products and solutions, and can customize a solution to meet your exact requirements. We also offer installation services and encourage our clients to make use of this professional service.

Most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year
The average solar panel installation pays itself off in 7 years